What Is So-Called Christian Rap and Hip Hop Music?


(Ungodly Blasphemy)

Part eight: What Is So-Called Christian Rap and Hip Hop Music?

In the call of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We thank God for granting us the power to record His messages of Truth. From the start man has embraced evil and resisted the electricity and authority of God the Creator of the sector. Again we enchantment to the ones who have know-how of the Word and the misplaced.

The FreedomJournal is a servant of God. Therefore, it is our obligation and duty to witness to the world. We are not within the Blessing enterprise nor are we within the Judging enterprise. God alone has that electricity. However, we bear witness that those which have been below the Word must have the ability to differentiate between what is evil and what is ideal.

Evidently many people in Black churches are not saved. Thus, after they normal Jesus Christ they did not become a new creature. Therefore, their minds, souls and physical bodies are still in the world from which they got here. This is the maximum truthful reaction we are able to make concerning the invasion of Satan and the arena in the Black church.

Before we flow to a dialogue on current Gospel Rap and Hip Hop, we can word a very vital factor on Gospel track. Thus, in response to our critics we word the subsequent:

We can’t relate gospel music to Rap and the ungodly, contemporary Gospel. We recognize that there was some competition to Gospel while it became added via Thomas Dorsey in 1932. For an instance of the sacredness of this track I invite you to pay attention to “Precious Lord Take My Hand.”
This shifting and frequently spell-binding track was written through the mythical and divinely proficient Thomas A. Dorsey.

Some of our finest and soul-stirring singers have recorded this track. Marion Williams, Mahalia Jackson, C.L. Franklin, Aretha Franklin, The Gospel Southernaires are some of the most outstanding. The lyrical rendition and the arrangement of Precious Lord rendered with the aid of these innovative artists is a tribute to Almighty God. These artists also are a credit score to the song-creator who stated that he needed that this tune would usually be sung with a sense.

The short and clean critique of modern Gospel is discovered inside the term move-over. God does now not pass-over to Satan. Thus Satan conjures up the move-over, and sincerely Satan is ungodly. The song enterprise of their preference to market song and personalities thrive on cross-over as a method to maximise earnings. However, sacred track is aware of no pass-over.

True Christians do no longer sing to be paid by man. Let me say that once more. Economic gain (as performing artists) does now not inspire True Christians. Thus all and sundry who enters Gospel song and conforms to the world has overlooked God. We ask your prayers for the very few genuine Christian Gospel singers. We pray that they’ll stay with God and now not permit Satan to tempt them with cash, repute and a puffed-up worldly spirit. We also invite your prayers for the ungodly that are searching for to shame the church and our sacred track.

An avid reader of the FreedomJournal made numerous comments on the article in this collection that referred to the ungodly nature of Prosperity Ministers. The following are several quotations from this Sister’s remarks:

“So-known as Prosperity/Televangelist are taking this nonsense to a degree I in no way notion I would see. A sister on “Wheel of Fortune” asks her church circle of relatives to pray for her as she spins the wheel. A Gospel choir in the audience sings for Bob Barker on the “Price Is Right,” not to say the singers of filthy uncut music videos and mixtapes songs thanking their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for wining various awards passed out through Devils.”

This Sister goes on to say that many women within the church and TV Ministers are painted like Jezebels and in diverse levels of undress. Thus she notes that she sees the Black church as a predicament instead of a mechanism to get closer to God.

The FreedomJournal realizes that these are very critical statements however they may be actual for the maximum component. However the maximum vital element of her statements is that she is became away from the Black church. This Sister is like many other people inside the Black community. They have visible so much confusion and ungodly behavior within the Black church they have regarded elsewhere for Spiritual assist. The World and Satan are destroying the Black church. When many humans see the identical performers in clubs acting in the Black church, they get unwell. It is a sick sin to see homosexuals that have failed in the worldly track scene flip-flopping backward and forward from soul to Gospel or even organizing church buildings and preaching.